Kentucky License Plate Mug
This is a big one! Not only big in stature but big in personality, too, this sculpted "license plate" look makes a cool souvenir or gift.
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Paducah Wall to Wall Portraits of Our Past
This little book commemorates the history of Paducah, as told through the Wall to Wall flood wall murals. Rare tidbits of information and commentary make this book a treasure.
Honey Pecan Apple Butter
Can you say smooth and delicious? Each flavor adds to the total, making this a 10!
Bourbon Glass Flight Tray
Taste-testing bourbon or whiskey flights at home is a fun way to spend time with friends. This rustic, folksy tray holds four Pilsner or small Bourbon glasses, making them easy to serve.
It is Well With My Soul Mug
This smooth, curvy mug sits perfectly in your hands, demonstrating that it can be well with your tea or coffee, as well.
Kentucky Metal Wall Art, Large
Dude. This sign captures all the bourbon labels and icons in bourbon-making to a T. Do not pass this by. Truly a great piece of art, printed on thick metal backing.
Coffee First, Then Paducah, KY Insulated Travel Mug
Priorities, right? Caffeinate then see the sights in Paducah, KY!
Hey, Cutie! Insulated Tumbler
Dash out the door with this cute travel mug.
Good Chance This is Bourbon Black Flask
We all know, there's a good chance it's bourbon, but this flask tattles for sure! This classic black metal flask Is down for casual or elegant.
Natural Cutting Board Kentucky shape burned in
This rustic, rough-cut folk art piece makes a perfect décor element for your mantle or above your kitchen cabinets. With the shape of Kentucky burned in, it shares your pride of place with those who come to your home.
Silk Horse Racing Scarf in Tan, Black, and Rose
Derby fans, wear your silk with pride! This all-silk scarf features horses, racing and Derby themes.
Beige Shawl
A simple wrap that can be worn any number of ways, to match your style and personality.
Kentucky shape Large Frame
A great gift from a great maker and crafter in the state of Kentucky, this frame will last for years to come.
Small Casserole with Lid
Cute as a button, this handmade pottery casserole dish bakes up the perfect amount for two people, or makes a lovely side dish.
Medium Mixing Bowl
Right-sized for handling and lifting to pour, this handmade pottery mixing bowl is a beautiful addition to the kitchen.
Large Pitcher
Gracefully shaped, this handmade clay pitcher is glazed in browns or blues, making a wonderful keepsake for the generations.
Great Outdoors Snapback Hat - Olive
Look sharp in this Great Outdoors Snapback hat.
Charm Necklace with Paducah Map
That's the charm! A magnified section of a Paducah map is front and center in this necklace featuring our favorite hometown.
White Metal "Lookout" Tray
"Lookout" for the man in the moon on this handsome vintage-look aluminum serving tray. Perfect for barbecues, picnics and more.
Bathe in Bourbon 3 Piece Gift Set
Need a gift that says you think the world of this other person? This should do the trick. It's all just lovely.
Kentucky in a Circle Coasters, Set of 4
Classy with a capital C! This set of four coasters classes up any domain, and makes a great gift.
Bourbon Barrel Coasters, Set of 4
Just in case you forget that you love bourbon from time to time, these bourbon-barrel shaped coasters are here to do their part. Attractive, functional, and good for a lifetime.
12 Gauge Coasters, Set of 4
Giving "loaded" a whole new meaning, these 12 gauge coasters are sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.
Olive Wood 3 Section Tray
Silky smooth Olive wood shows off its unique twisted grain in these gorgeous appetizer trays.
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