Honey Pecan Apple Butter
Can you say smooth and delicious? Each flavor adds to the total, making this a 10!
Cornmeal - White Self Rising
Mild, fluffy cornbread is a favorite, and this white cornmeal also works well for masa for tamales, if you're up for the job of making tamales (we'll take a couple dozen!)
Chocolate Pound Cake
Yep, they found the way to make Pound Cake just that much better. Especially with fresh whipped cream…
Red Velvet Cake Mix
You know Red Velvet Cake is Southern, right? Ooh, girl, it's delicious.
Pound Cake Mix
Moving? Birthday? Been ill? Everybody gets a pound cake in the South! Mix up one to give and one to enjoy.
Mulling Spice Packet
Fall will be upon us soon--bring out the mulling spices for cider, teas, or wine for that warm feeling inside!
Traditional Cheese Straws
Yummy munchies made with real cheese and a hint of cayenne! Bring them out at your next gathering or give them as a gift.
White Gravy Mix
Milk Gravy, Cream Gravy, Country Gravy, don't they all sound so delicous right now? Mix up yours for your next meal.
Jalapeno Cornbread Mix
Mix up cornbread with a kick in your cucina (kitchen)!
Peppermint Premium Stick Candy
Take home a box of premium pepper mint sticks--they're not just for Christmas any more!
White Grits
Mild, smooth grits…dress 'em up or down, what's your favorite way to eat them? We say with shrimp, or just plain butter.
Bourbon Flavored Cherries
Offering options in the bourbon-cherry sphere, Bourbon Country's colossal red cherries are hand-crafted in small batches.
Dan O's Original Seasoning
This is a slogan from another kind of food, but we put this s&!t on everything, since we've discovered Dan O's!
Dan O's Spicy Seasoning
Kentuckians love Dan O's for its distinctive spice blend. The Spicy brings a little heat, but still gets a thumbs up from many kids and has been shown to bring about more veggie-eating.
Dan O's Hot Chipotle Seasoning
The Hot Chipotle isn't going to blow the top of your head off. Rather, it has a smokey habanero type of heat to it that pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables.
Blackberry Honey
You'll notice just a hint of blackberries in this delicious local honey. Way to go, smarty-pants bees!
Kentucky Honey
Mr. Bohman tends his bees carefully, and happy bees make happy honey. Enjoy local honey from our neck of the woods.
Cornbread Mix
Cornbread is just seconds away with this easy mix.
Dang Butterscotch Root Beer Bottle
Smooth, buttery butterscotch is easy to drink in Dang's Butterscotch Root Beer.
Fitz's Peach Pop Bottle
Peach Pop hits the spot if it's from Fitz's!
Dang Italian Cream Soda Bottle
Dang! Cherry Italian Cream soda is sweet and refreshing.
Fitz's Root Beer Bottle
Longtime favorite, Fitz's Root Beer goes down easy.
Lemon Blueberry Cashew Butter Bar
Nutricious and delicious, this bar is great on the go or in a more relaxed moment. Be good to yourself with this good treat!
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