Metal Kentucky Icons Wall Art
Meet the icons of bourbon in an inexpensive and attractive way with this piece.
Kentucky Metal Wall Art, Large
Dude. This sign captures all the bourbon labels and icons in bourbon-making to a T. Do not pass this by. Truly a great piece of art, printed on thick metal backing.
Kentucky shape Shiplap Wall art
This unique, custom-made Shiplap wall art in the shape of Kentucky is distinctive. It'll "make" just about any room you can put it in!
Natural Cutting Board Kentucky shape burned in
This rustic, rough-cut folk art piece makes a perfect décor element for your mantle or above your kitchen cabinets. With the shape of Kentucky burned in, it shares your pride of place with those who come to your home.
Barbeque at Our House, Vintage Image Print
Hey, fellas, c'mon over for a barbecue! Ice-cold beer and ribs on the grill! Hang this vintage image in your Man Cave, den, or garage for a fun look at yesteryear.
Kentucky shape Large Frame
A great gift from a great maker and crafter in the state of Kentucky, this frame will last for years to come.
Frame with Kentucky shape added
Bring a touch of Kentucky into your home with this beautiful frame which includes a cutout of the shape of Kentucky. Stunning for wedding photos.
Navy Retro "Lookout" Wall Art
Add a touch of color to your kitchen backsplash, as a serving tray, or as wall art with this aluminum retro sign.
Deer Antlers Frame
This photo frame makes a perfect gift for the hunters and outdoorsmen in your family.
Rise & Shine Wall Art
Meet each day with your prayers and your best for God! This wall décor is a "fit" for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or prayer closet.
Rejoice Wall Art
This Rejoice sign fits in with any décor and calls for gratitude and praise!
Cross String Art Décor
Like walking a labrynth, the act of stringing this cross among the nails reminds us to meditate at the foot of the cross. This small and precious piece is a nice keepsake or gift.
Peace Love & Blessings Wall Art
Wishing you Peace, Love, and Blessings as you find a treasured spot in your home for this wall décor.
God Bless the Farmer Wall Art
The hard, humble work of tilling the soil or raising the livestock is honorable and good. Share your love for farming by hanging this wall art where you can enjoy it.
Kentucky Home 1/2 Barrel Lid Wall Art
Beautiful burned-in scrollwork accompany the wording on this amazing half-barrel lid, sure to be the focus point of any home's décor.
Reclaimed Horseshoe from Churchill Downs Race Track, Wall Art
Own a special little piece of history with one of the actual horseshoes reclaimed from Churchill Downs
Kentucky Horseshoe Wall Hanging
Mounted on a piece of actual bourbon barrel stave, this horseshoe and ribbon all combine to be a lovely keepsake.
Bluebird Tile - Medium
The original source of a Tweet, this little bird calls out the morning.
Buds Flowers Tile - Medium
Graceful, waving leaves and buds fill out this tile, perfect for décor or as a kitchen trivet.
Dandelion Tile - Medium
Elevating the simple dandelion to look like a crown of gold for its blossom, natural tones make up this otherwise subtle tile.
Love Birds Tile - Medium
Whether for you and your sweetie or to give as a wedding gift, these lovebirds make a lovely accent to any home.
Olive Leaves Tile - Medium
Meaning peace for your house, these olive branches combine refined lines and folk art themes.
Heart Tile - Small
A deep red heart stands out among the vibrant jewel and gold glazes on this artful and ecclectic tile.
Mermaid Tile - Small
Mermaid flows with the current in her sea. Add this clay tile to your kitchen or bath accents, or give it as a gift.
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