Bird on Leaf Soap Dish
With a just-right size and shape, this cute little fella on a leaf soap dish adds a nice touch to a bathroom or kitchen sink.
Stoneware Bathtub Soap Dish
Cute clawfoot tub soap dish holds your soap neatly while providing style for your bagnoire.
Peppermint Oil Hair Mask
Treat your scalp and hair to a nourishing and invigorating peppermint mask. For all types of hair, this mask smells great and makes you feel even better.
White Tea & Aloe Hand Cream
White tea and aloe scent used to be found only in the amenities at high-end hotels. Mmm--what a great scent!
Rosewater Hand Cream
Rosewater is a lovely scent for hand cream, particularly if traveling and away from your usual toilette.
Shave Brush
Good tools make all the difference, and this well-made carved-wood brush with soft but full bristles works the shave soap in to a beard for full coverage.
Blue 3 Piece Shave Set
Truly a special, handmade gift, it features a spun pottery shave cup, a shave puck (Blue: musk, sandalwood and lemon), and a super soft shaving brush.
Pineapple shaped Welcome Home Soap
Southern hospitality at its best! Welcome new neighbors with a bar or take it to a house-warming party to let the new heathens from up North know that you've were raised with manners and you've got your eye on them.
Barrel shaped Soap
Need a little something for a coworker or family member back home? Grab a bunch of bourbon barrels (in soap form) to take back from Paducah.
Horse shaped Soap
If it's Derby time and you've got engagements all over town, tuck a few of these in your purse for hostess gifts and be sure to set out a smart bar in your guest bathroom, too.
Bathe in Bourbon 3 Piece Gift Set
Need a gift that says you think the world of this other person? This should do the trick. It's all just lovely.
Blue Soap Bar
Blue is inspired by the Smokey Mountains, bringing together musk, sandalwood and lemon. Popular with both men and women.
Bathe In Bourbon Soap Bar
One of their most popuplar frangrances, Bathe in Bourbon tops the list for Moss Hill, featuring bourbon with a whiff of vanilla.
Spring Rose Bath Bomb
One of our favorites, this bath bomb tickles the senses and your heart strings with fresh and dense spring rose aromatherapy.
Spring Lavender Bath Bomb
Take off your tired and worn-down self and dip into a bath full of fresh and renewing…
Spring Rose Bath Salt Glass Jar with Wood Spoon
Hand-dried rose petals and botanicals are gently mixed into premium salts for soaking delight.
Fall Cinnamon Bath Salt, Glass Jar with Wood Spoon
Hand-mixed with finest hand-dried, quality botanicals make this Cinnamon mix of bath salts entirely decadant for your bath.
Box of Cookies Bath Melts
This box of cookies (all little soaps!) look good enough to eat but is nice enough to put out for the guest bathroom. Get this little-something for a house-warming, birthday, children's set, bridal shower, hostess gift, or for a coworker.
Sudweiser Beer Mug Soap Soap
Get that man a mug of beer…made out of soap? Hopefully for more of a celebration gift than to suggest he wash his mouth out, we recommend that he raises this beer in the shower!
Under the Sea Mermaid Bar Soap
This beautiful sea-scape made entirely of soap! Completed by a mermaid's soapy tail, this bar makes an awesome gift.
Shot of Bourbon Soap
Take a shot and get clean, all at once…This look-alike shot of bourbon (with wedge of lemon accent) is made purely of soap! Better for scrubbing than sipping…
Clean Pose Yoga Mat Freshener, Neroli Lavender Tea Tree Oil
Wipe down your mat regularly to remove smells and bodily residues. Tea Tree Oil has long been hailed for its fresh scent but also for healing, cleansing properties, too.
Rosemary Bergamot Lime Bath Bomb
One of our favorites, this bath bomb is refreshing and bright, but also strong and exotic.
Lemongrass Blueberry Tea Bath Bomb
Too bad it doesn't taste as good as it smells. But you're not supposed to eat it. Instead, luxuriate in these bright scents in your bath.
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