Keep Your Friends Close and Your Bourbon Closer Christmas Ornament
Hug 'em close during the Christmas season (your bourbon, that is), and love on your family, too.
Paducah Ornament
The ultimate way to localize your Christmas tree, a Paducah ornament.
Barrel Ornament
A barrel of good time for your Christmas tree, or give to family and friends who live away from Kentucky!
Kentucky Bourbon Ornament
Good ol' bourbon, hung with care on the Christmas tree.
Cardinal Christmas Ornament
With it's bold red color and striking black mask, the Cardinal is Kentucky's state bird. Hang one or many on your Christmas tree for a stunning display.
Hand Painted Framed Blue Gingham With Blue Bow Ornament -
Special and unique, this Christmas ornament stands out from the rest with its big blue bow and framed blue gingham hand-painted picture.
Cream Plaid Kentucky Ornament
Very BCBG in a Kentucky-country kind of way. Not sure what that means? Don't worry about it, just get this ornament and enjoy its beauty.
Bourbon Trail Ornament
The Bourbon Trail leads straight through Paducah, historically-speaking, so come along for Christmas on the Bourbon Trail.
Christmas in Kentucky Ornament
This ornament couldn't be more special, for your tree or on the Christmas trees of your friends and family who miss Kentucky.
Kentucky shape with Roses Ornament
It's a run for the roses, with blue roses painted inside this Kentucky-shaped Christmas ornament.
Bourbon Barrel Ornament
We get these to give as gifts to those who've helped us start our new business, they're so special and gorgeous. We think you'll like them as well on your tree.
Red Santa Moon Pie Ornament
Santa's got a secret, he loves Moon Pies. Hang this ornament on your tree this year, and don't forget to leave out a Moon Pie!
Yellow Christmas Moon Pie Ornament
Let the moon shine bright on your Christmas tree, on this retro Moon Pie ornament.
Kentucky (with Letters Inside) Ornament
Whimsical cut out of the state of Kentucky makes a great Christmas gift.
No Matter Where I Roam Ornament
In your old Kentucky home, no matter where it is, proudly display this special Christmas ornament.
Merry Christmas From Kentucky Ornament
Send your Christmas greentings to family and friends who live elsewhere.
Merry Old Fashioned Christmas Ornament
Have a Merry Old Fashioned Christmas, and take a sip for us, too!
If It Ain't From Kentucky Ornament
Say it loud and proud with this Christmas ornament: If It Ain't From Kentucky, It Ain't Bourbon.
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ornament
Nothing says Christmas can't be celebrated with bourbon! Hang this barrel on your tree this year.
Trotting Metal Horse Ornament
Horse lovers, this is the ultimate Kentucky Christmas ornament for you! The beautiful flowing lines of this trotter stand out on this punched metal sculpture.
Red Plaid Ribbon Kentucky Ornament
This Christmas ornament even makes you feel warmer with its red plaid accents, and it looks great on any tree.
Bourbon Hunter Ornament
Put the word out on your Christmas tree: There's a bourbon hunter in the house!
Kentucky Girls Ceramic Ornament -
Dress up your Christmas tree with this beautiful ceramic ornament with a shout out to all Kentucky Girls.
Rag Ball Garland
Did your Granny or someone in your family ever make rag rugs? Well, this Christmas tree garland is made from the same rag strips she kept in a ball. These little balls string together in colorful gaiety, sure to bring...
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