Kentucky License Plate Mug
This is a big one! Not only big in stature but big in personality, too, this sculpted "license plate" look makes a cool souvenir or gift.
Blackberry Sage Candle
With a scent that is popular with most everyone, this candle makes a great stocking stuffer or small gift.
Kentucky Metal Wall Art, Large
Dude. This sign captures all the bourbon labels and icons in bourbon-making to a T. Do not pass this by. Truly a great piece of art, printed on thick metal backing.
Cornmeal - White Self Rising
Mild, fluffy cornbread is a favorite, and this white cornmeal also works well for masa for tamales, if you're up for the job of making tamales (we'll take a couple dozen!)
It is Well With My Soul Mug
This smooth, curvy mug sits perfectly in your hands, demonstrating that it can be well with your tea or coffee, as well.
Black / Blue Gingham Kentucky shape Mug
The shape of Kentucky is filled with Kentucky's signature blue gingham fabric in this painted mug.
Metal Kentucky Icons Wall Art
Meet the icons of bourbon in an inexpensive and attractive way with this piece.
Sold Out
Paducah Wall to Wall Portraits of Our Past
This little book commemorates the history of Paducah, as told through the Wall to Wall flood wall murals. Rare tidbits of information and commentary make this book a treasure.
Honey Pecan Apple Butter
Can you say smooth and delicious? Each flavor adds to the total, making this a 10!
Bourbon Glass Flight Tray
Taste-testing bourbon or whiskey flights at home is a fun way to spend time with friends. This rustic, folksy tray holds four Pilsner or small Bourbon glasses, making them easy to serve.
Eat Mo Pie Tee
As if we need any prompting… If you're a born pie-eater, this shirt is for you.
Be Still And Know Pillow
These little decorative pillows look cute on a bed, side chair, or as décor.
Coffee Goat Milk Soap
Who doesn't love the smell of hot coffee? This bar brings together the best of robust coffee beans and creamy goat milk.
All Essential Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap
Said to have natural anti-biotic properties, tea tree oil has been used for centuries not only for cleanliness but also for its great scent.
Bluegrass Goat Milk Soap
Sweet Kentucky bluegrass is the inspiration for this fresh scent, with a touch of musk.
Bourbon Goat Milk Soap
Bourbon…in soap…Genius! Between the notes of aged bourbon and sweet spices, this creamy soap is treat.
Citrus Sunshine Goat Milk Soap
The sweet, fresh scent of the citrus groves is brought out with warm scent notes of a sunny day. The forecast calls for sunny and warm in your bathroom today!
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